Youth Minister Chides Dutty Berry for Referring to the PM as “Art”


 In what some have described as a “petty move”, Youth and Culture Minister Lisa Hanna has chided popular Jamaican vlogger, Rushaine Berry, for referring to Prime Minister Simpson Miller as “art”.

In a post on Instagram, the young man who gained national fame for his videos on Tessanne Chin’s journey on “The Voice”, posted an image of the Prime Minister in what appears to be a Chinese inspired outfit. She is seemingly standing on a pedestal, while persons look on. Berry then went on to caption the image “People need to just appreciate ART”. In commenting on the post, Minister Hanna notes “Our Prime Minister will turn 70 this year. I can only hope and pray that when I get to her age I look as good physically and have so much energy to run everywhere as she does. She has given 40 years of her life to this country…she is a strong Jamaican woman who has blazed a trail for so many of us in different areas #respectdue @duttyberryshow more important is a person’s heart and she has a beautiful one #portiasimpsonmiller #primeministerofjamaica” The Minister then went on to use the comment as a caption under a post of her own showing Mrs. Simpson Miller alongside President Barack Obama.

The Minister’s comments and post drew several reactions from Instagram users. Some argued that she was petty for “calling out” the young vlogger, while others agreed that respect was due to the Prime Minister as head of our country. The Minister’s post earned 49 comments and 789 likes, while DuttyBerry’s gained 378 likes and over 143 comments.

Minister Lisa Hanna was recently accused by her government colleague, Dayton Campbell, of profiling on social media.

  • Aldene911

    So how come she said nothing when people were disrespecting the PM by photoshopping her head onto vultures “johncrows”??? That was disrespectful and I felt so bad.


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