Damion Crawford Welcomes His Old Rival To The PNP


Supporters of the People’s National Party (PNP) continue to react to the announcement that Joan Gordon Webley has been accepted as a member of the governing party. The latest to add his voice to the debate is Junior Minister of Tourism, Damion Crawford. Crawford took to social media to declare that he is not fuming he welcomes Mrs. Gordon Webley. Crawford narrowly defeated Gordon Webley in the 2011 General Elections. While contesting the St. Andrew East Rural seat, Crawford stirred controversy when he referred to Mrs. Gordon Webley as “a solid waste of time.” He subsequently apologized to her.

In his post the first term M.P. went further to urge Dr. Christopher Tufton and Daryl Vaz to join the PNP. According to Crawford, ‘everybody but Andrew Holness’ would be welcome. Minister Crawford says he is so opposed to Andrew Holness and if the Opposition Leader were to become a member of the PNP, then he would switch to the National Democratic Movement.   One supporter commenting on the post questioned the trust factor. She argued if politicians spend years denouncing and opposing a party and then becomes a member, how can they be trusted?

Minister Crawford responded by saying that the individual is obviously not aware of a Member of Parliament’s salary or she would not have made that statement.  He ended with a quote which ks allegedly from his father: “if you can’t change your mind how are you going to change the world”
Meanwhile former President of the People’s National Party Youth Organization, Junior Rose, also took to social media.  He says  ‘ Well I guess if you a no Labourite you no attractive to the PNP, hypocrisy, mi say mi waah run fi VP fi PNP and people act like I am committing a sin but if me did inna G2K and JLP the sky is the limit in the PNP SMH’.


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