Holness Survives


Information reaching Talk Jamaica Radio is that Opposition Leader Andrew Holness has survived a move to remove him from that office. The meeting which got underway at approximately 10 this morning lasted for some six hours and was allegedly convened, in part, to assess Holness’ stewardship of the Opposition. Reports suggest the meeting was heated as tempers flared. Media houses such as the Gleaner Company and Radio Jamaica, as well as our independent sources, suggested that a move was at play to unseat Holness. However, Leader of Opposition Business, Derrick Smith, has denied these reports. He says the meeting adjourned without a decision. Smith says the caucus will reconvene next week.

The allegations come on the heels of recent polls which show the JLP losing significant ground to the governing PNP. This was the second such move against Holness’ leadership. The parliamentary caucus had also taken a vote after the Court of Appeals rebuked Holness for acting unlawfully in the Senate letter saga.

  • Samuel Mckenzie

    Is this “Talk Jamaica Radio” a mouth piece for the PNP, or is it their chief propaganda machine?

    • dorlanhfrancis

      It could be the propaganda arm of the detractors within the JLP.

      • Andre

        Why because they giving us the information? If the JLP could control their issues then am sure these people would have nothing to report

  • dorlanhfrancis

    The editors of this media and the detractors in the JLP are idiots. They think the delegates of the JLP would sit down and let a handful of fools hijack the JLP?

    • Andre

      Why you people always like this, when people present facts instead of solving the issue in the party you all attack the messenger. You labourites never learn, always attacking the media

      • dorlanhfrancis

        What facts are you presenting? You report suss supplied by special interest who are hellbent on destabilizing the party.

  • dorlanhfrancis

    It is idiots like the detractors in the JLP who destroy nations pursuing their selfish interest.


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