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Charlie Hebdo: Intellectual Terrorism In The Machine Gun Era

It’s already been two weeks into the New Year and I hadn’t lifted a pen to put to paper until now.  I’ve been maintaining my disconnection from the matrix in

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Questions, News And Missing Trews … Je Suis Mike

Everybody needs a mentor. I say that unapologetically and very often. It is something I believe and have benefited from greatly, throughout my life. I believe I have had good

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Honesty Is The Best Development Policy

For some strange and serendipitous reason I ended up at a police station in the heart of downtown Kingston late one Friday evening trying to bail a friend of mine

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Is The Articulate Minority A Bunch Of Simpletons?

The recent uproar over Culture Minister Lisa Hanna’s Instagram picture would answer that question in the affirmative. It’s almost impossible to believe that those who set themselves apart as the

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The Blight Of Negritude In A Black Country

Very often we hear stories of young men being accosted and antagonized by police and presume there was good reason for the brashness they were dealt. Jamaicans rationalize this sort

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Night Time Reflection

The most fun I’ve had all week was when I sat down to write this article while listening to some roots rocking reggae music with an exotic sativa strain somewhere

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My Super Prime Minister

I had a wonderful time at dinner last night and invariably whenever a group of ‘well-meaning- and ‘forward-thinking’ Jamaicans link up we will talk a little bit- or a lotta

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Here Comes Culture

Today, I sat in my office at the Philip Sherlock Centre, and in walked creative enterprise and cultural entrepreneurship, in the form and body of Jermaine Rowe. Jermaine is a

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Sativa Samfy

I won’t even pretend that I didn’t forget to write an article this week. But in those moments of deep contemplation as I did everything except write a column and

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Yendi Must Enjoy The Right To Privacy

It was with a fair amount of dismay that I read Mr. Ricardo Brooks’ article “Yendi Has No Right to Privacy and Unfortunately Neither Does Her Child”. I was particularly

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