PNP Councillor Defends Andrew Holness


Kingston and St Andrew Corporation (KSAC) councillor for the Papine division Venesha Phillips  has come out in defense of Andrew Holiness. Ms. Phillips via a Facebook post called on individuals to stop the criticism about Andrew Holness and the house that he is building. 

The issue of Mr. Holness’ house has become topical after a report from the Jamaica Observer spoke to the cost of the house that he and his wife Juliet are building in Beverly Hills.  Councillor Phillips began by stating that the madness must stop.  She says that while Mr. Holness might have done a poor job at explaining the saga surrounding his home some of the comments are fueled because of bad mind. The Councillor for the Papine Division went further to state that there are individuals who are of the belief that politicians should not have any assets and there are many individuals who consider them to be thieves.  She says that as long as he has done nothing criminal or improper and is not associated with criminal elements, then Jamaicans should ‘cut him some slack’.  She ended by stating that he should have never responded to the Observer article.

Majority of the respondents on the comments supported Ms. Phillips statement, while others believed that Mr. Holness has some explaining to do. 

  • Andre

    Well said, they need to leave the man alone

  • Wayne Rose

    Explaining to who or for what ? Is there evidence to prove he misuses state funds? The observer should be brought before the court for this


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