The Poisonous Submission To Arthur Williams


Why does Talk Jamaica Radio want to cripple Jamaica’s political system? The newest Editorial entitled “Why Arthur Williams Should Break Rank On The CCJ” is not surprising; for so long as malice remains a part of the lexicon and a part of our existence, it will always be on showcase for everyone to see – which is perfectly fine, except to say the positions of Talk Jamaica Radio should be grounded in facts and logic. Balance and impartiality is a matter of conscience.

Talk Jamaica Radio should be ashamed of itself for having published this editorial as it is blatantly encouraging an Opposition Senator to hijack a principled position of the Opposition. This encouragement is beyond bad-tempered and arbitrary and is congruent to one encouraging another to sell their souls for selfish political gains. Furthermore, this encouragement is only geared at advancing Talk Jamaica Radio’s position towards the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ).

There are a couple points that Talk Jamaica made that need to be addressed. Firstly, Talk Jamaica has been clearly biased in its pronouncements that the Opposition has shown contempt for regional and local judges. The Opposition has on many occasions declared its support for CCJ as a court for trade matters and other regional matters, therefore, for the argument to be made that the Opposition has contempt for regional judges is unfair and is born out of emotional appeal.  As for our local judges … contempt? What a defiance of logic! The JLP has supported a position that it would want Jamaica to establish its own court; therefore that argument is riddled with illogical assertions and reflects badly on Talk Jamaica Radio.

Talk Jamaica Radio published:

In fact, we see moderates such as Senators Kamina Johnson Smith and Marlene Malahoo Forte appreciating the relevance and necessity of establishing this court. Notwithstanding that, we do not expect them to demonstrate the courage of their convictions on this occasion.

Talk Jamaica has seen what everyone else has, and it is probably short sighted as all members of the Opposition and the JLP have some support for the CCJ. The Opposition including the individual members as listed in the excerpt has a problem with the appellate partition of the Court and matters relating to Jamaica’s subscription, so Talk Jamaica Radio must not convolute the debate and give the impression to its audience that the Opposition is totally against the CCJ.

We would humbly submit to Mr. Williams that there is no shame in trading that critical vote for a board chairmanship, an independent Senate seat, an ambassadorship …

It is very interesting that Talk Jamaica holds this position. Without saying much, it is worth questioning what else should Mr. Williams trade a critical vote – now or in the future – for. This dangerous suggestion threatens the existence of our political system. Whenever our political system reaches a stage where people can be bought with political titles and promises to sell out and to take a position they wouldn’t have otherwise taken, then there is no meaning in the word perfidy.

Talk Jamaica Radio, seemingly does not appreciate the role of the Opposition and the critical part it plays in governance. Regrettably, if there was any move by the government to censor media and Mr. Williams was that weak link as Talk Jamaica Radio is suggesting, it would be fascinating to see whether or not Talk Jamaica Radio would still hold this poisonous position.

Talk Jamaica Radio should realise that there is a large portion of the population that supports the positions and policies of the JLP, and to somehow to suggest that those who raise concerns about the CCJ is not worthy is outrageous. There are real concerns about this whole CCJ issue and the parliamentary Opposition decided that it will not support the three (3) companion Bills in parliament for plausible reasons. If those reasons were debated by Talk Jamaica Radio, maybe this piece wouldn’t have been written, but to suggest that Senator Williams betrays a principled position for political titles and positions smells stink; such an action borders treason.


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