Yackesha Henry|Living for the Gram

It has become considerable bothering how people’s identity can be borne from a single social media account. Moreover, self esteem and societal validation is mask and entrap in the images

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Kevonne Martin :The Walking Dead A Generation Lacking Action

In an era when millennials are the group most targeted, analyzed, and are expected to lead the rest of the world into a new way of functioning, I have to

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Javid Brown: The PNP’s Leadership Dilemma

Thursday was a momentous day for many Jamaicans who have any interest in politics, as the Leader of the Opposition Mrs. Portia Simpson-Miller gave an unprecedented interview to Mrs. Emily

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Romario Scott: Don’t Judge Shaw’s Candidacy Unfairly

The Letter of the Day published in Monday’s edition of The Gleaner seems to be a continuation of a raging debate as to whether Audley Shaw should be appointed as

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Sanjay Lewis: Why the JLP Won

When the People’s National Party first hinted that the country could go to the polls in 2015, it was apparent to many that it would not be a difficult trek

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Portia & Andrew

Javid Brown: Be Servants And Not Masters

The recently concluded elections has proven just how mature the Jamaican electorate has become.  Gone were the days when you talk down to the electorate and they sit idly by

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Javid Brown: Thank You Mr. Holness

The political arena in Jamaica is truly an interesting spectacle.  With elections just a few days away, the two main political parties are focusing on starkly different things. The Jamaica

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Welcome Back Madam Prime Minister

I am relieved to know that my Prime Minister, The Most Honorable Portia Simpson-Miller, is in the best of health, and her voice is not damaged, as that was my

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Don’t fall for the JLP’s Empty Promises

Now that the elections have been announced, more than ever, the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) is going around trying to sell well-thinking Jamaicans ‘puss inna bag’. Audley Shaw, on the

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Why Jamaicans Won’t Vote

Young people don’t join political parties because they don’t offer any real change. If they join at all, it’s because it’s a great joke to tell a friend. Young people

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