Baby Brain Vaz


Dwayne Vaz’s shocking comments at a PNP rally a few days ago which eludes to loading up guns and running in on the opponents based on dancehall great Vybz Kartel song titled “Weh Dem Feel Like”, proves that he is not mentality prepared for 2015 modern day politics, it shows that intellectually he has a baby’s brain.

To be fair to Mr. Vaz he didn’t actually say the word gun, he said “gu”, in baby language, so I guess we can infer whatever we want from that, just like with babbling babies.  I will not say how disappointed I am in Mr. Vaz, as from the get go I had reservations about him, so this immature behavior only solidifies my initial thought process.  This mafia like stance has no place in our country, much less on the platform of our sitting government who expects us to return them to power.

This gutter politics behavior is not much better than the very premature outburst from the President of the Senate, Senator Floyd Morris a few weeks ago in relations to the murder of 2 individuals in St. Catherine, that he claims was politically motivated, however, the police is yet to side with the Senator.  Am I to think this is a new trend from the People’s National Party leading upto a general election? Am I to really think they are rally the troupes to be ready to incite violence on the opponents based on “uncertain facts” as was the case with both Vaz and Morris?

The Prime Minister, again, proves that she does not care about anything that happens in the country unless it impacts her…Queen Portia’s character or questions her performance.  She is yet to even whisper any form of condemnation publicly about baby brain Vaz’s tyrant like stance on her platform.  This again slaps us in the face, as we really see that Mama P has lost all credibility to discipline her team, even the newbies.

The Jamaica Labour Party may indeed have “baby strength” but I would prefer to invest in someone with “baby strength” but a grown up brain juxtapose investing in a grown up with a “baby brain’ as that move would be to my chagrin.

  • Lynton Weir



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