The group that calls itself Churches Action Uniting Society for Emancipation (CAUSE) has been extremely quiet about some key issues impacting our society.  Apart from being very vocal and action driven against any minute suggestion of a repeal in the buggery law or at the country’s apparent acceptance/tolerance of the Lesbian, Gays, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community, I am not sure how the CAUSE is fulfilling its mandate of uniting the society for emancipation.

The church plays a very important role in a country as it should act as the conscience of the people and the government.  The church must also appear as being fair and objective on all issues.  Such a powerful group that represent millions of Jamaicans as we are so religious in this country, cannot choose to be vocal on select issues. There are several very serious problems crippling Jamaica’s growth and development and even moreso, many affecting everyday Jamaicans and I am sure many church members as well.  Crime is now a norm, if someone is not violently murdered a day in Jamaica, that’s frightening! Corruption is rampant in all spheres, health care is the most topical issue in Jamaica at this time with the death of 19 babies “in the real sense”.  Going on off on a tangent for a minute: I was surprised at how well constructed the Regional Health Authority’s Press release was endorsed by all the chairpersons of said authorities defending the stewardship of the Health Minister, Dr. Fenton Ferguson and in the process pouring cold water on all of us who have a problem with his magnificent performance.  This release is shameless and disgraceful to say the least.  I would have expected a joint statement from the regional health authorities speaking to the issues they are facing in their region, the corrective actions they have employed and lastly an apology for the state of their hospitals, instead, they release this whimsical farce of a statement, further angering Jamaicans trying to defend Dr. Ferguson, seriously? Where on God’s earth are these aliens from? They obviously are missing the bigger picture that some of use as non BSc, MBA, MSc and Phd holders are looking at which is simply- the health sector is in disarray and we have a minister who simply cannot get a handle on his team and put a workable strategy in-place to correct the deficiencies.

Now back to the CAUSE, I have not seen a press release from the group about the 19 deaths, neither have I heard of a call for any form of accountability. I have not seen a unified walk or rally against murder in Jamaica, or at least some form of action oriented discussion engaging the main players in crime fighting. I have not heard anything fulsome from this very important group about any significant topic that affects Jamaica except a great cry to ensure gays stay in their closets. I am all for preserving culture and norms, but as time evolve I see even the church becoming more tolerant of some changes in culture: women now wear pants to church, women goes to church without hats these things could never happen in the past amongst several other cultural changes.  Now, I am asking the CAUSE to focus on much more pressing matters. I encourage the group to take a macro approach when looking at issues that warrants immediate lobbying. I am in no way saying they should remove their focus at preserving our cultural sexual identity as the church sees it, but also, focus on things that affect our lives and those of your congregation on a daily basis, when the church appears as being one sided that’s worse than the PM not firing Fenton for his short coming as we have come to expect this behavior from our Politician’s, but we do not expect the church to follow suit.


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