Javid Brown: Thank You Mr. Holness


The political arena in Jamaica is truly an interesting spectacle.  With elections just a few days away, the two main political parties are focusing on starkly different things.

The Jamaica Labor Party (JLP) has launched a very mature campaign, focusing many of their ads on the plans for the future.  This is stark contrast to the “rae rae” ads they released last election.  The People’s National Party (PNP) on the other hand has gone off into an abyss. I am yet to fully understand the grounds the PNP is campaigning; the main focus I have seen is on Andrew Holness’ house or as it is referred to—-mansion.  I do not hear very intelligent discussions about the future and their trajectory to “step-up the progress”.  Many of the PNP platform presentations are focused on what have been done in the past 4 years, which in truth some were brought over from the previous government while some they truly did on their own.

I must say a big thank you to Dr. Peter Phillips for questioning the funding of leader of the opposition, Mr.  Andrew Holness’ mansion, and an even bigger thank you to Mr. Holness for responding in such a fulsome and detailed manner.  Dr. Phillips has helped to cement the fact in my mind and many others that Mr. Holness is really a young ambitious individual who is like many of us striving to live a prosperous life, and just like the average Joe, he also has monthly loan payments and other debts he is servicing, thus he fully understands what a lot of young families are facing in order to have a better life, again, thank you Dr. Phillips.

Mr. Holness’ disclosure is an elephantine step in the right direction that not many Jamaican politicians can readily mirror, as many would have a lot of question marks if they dear to truly declare how they fund their life style.  Let us not be bigots, we all question how politicians afford several personal luxury vehicles, plazas, several homes, boats amongst a myriad of other things.  None however has been able to take this bold step to let the public understand that, I am just like you, I too have monthly payments, I too have to build and stop just to accumulate enough funds to continue my dream, I applaud Mr. Holness for being this bold even if it is in bid to clear his name from the smear campaign as politicians has been smeared for years and none have done what he has done just to prove that they are above board.  I now fully believe his party’s tag line “From poverty to prosperity” as the leader is actively living out this dream, in a timely manner, not overnight.

I must however cry shame on the PNP for being hypocrites.  They all sat with Mr. Holness in Parliament, week after week, month after month and year after year, why weren’t these questions posed and demanded to be answered at the appropriate time and through the appropriate channels?  Why didn’t the PM over the years decline to participate in any official function that Mr. Holness would also take part in? Considering her high moral standards and her party’s questions about his? Why instead slap Jamaica in the face by not taking part in a debate that has nothing to do with personalities and parties but instead, subject matter, macro policy stance and overall plans for Jamaica?  The People’s National Party at this time really appear to be a very backward and vicious party that really would stop at nothing to stay in power.

On a side issue, Jamaica Money Markets Brokers (JMMB) must understand that even though they sent out a statement distancing themselves from a very close relative of the CEO and other directors in the company- Dr. Khia Josina Duncan, the public may still question the privacy of our information with their institution.  For a professional, Dr. Khia Duncan seem to have very poor judgement, that may impact her family business if not financially, their company goodwill will definitely be under the microscope especially when it comes to politically inclined individuals on the other side of the political fence of the family.

In closing, whether someone wants to build a mansion or moderate size home, it’s up to them, I honestly prefer to strive for the mansion and end up with a moderate home juxtapose striving for a moderate home and end up with a shack- as respectively I think this is what the JLP and PNP are selling.


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