Application For Asylum In Jamaica

In 2013, the Jamaican Gleaner reported the case of a couple from Syria who requested asylum in Jamaica. They were detained upon arrival to the Norman Manley International Airport after

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Freedom Of Speech – A Comment On Recent Developments

Recent international events have brought freedom of speech or expression squarely to the fore of global consciousness. Last November Sony Pictures Entertainment suffered a massive cyber attack ostensibly as revenge

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Human Trafficking: Jamaica Situation & Legal Framework

It is highly shocking and anachronistic that in a 21st century post-emancipated and largely democratic world, human beings are traded—bought and sold. The practice of human trafficking represents an aggravated

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Company Or Registered Business Name?

For many, a decision has to be taken as to whether a business proposed to be operated should be operated under a business name or by a separate legal entity

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Constitutional Supremacy: Fact Or Fiction?

I recall a discussion with a young student in the infancy of his study of the law who was adamant that constitutional supremacy in Jamaica was a myth; he reasoned

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Aspects Of The Legal Framework For An Ebola Response

Ever since Ebola touched down with Thomas Eric Duncan in Texas, we here in Jamaica have been on pins and needles. No doubt some of us have taken to heart

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Basic Requirement Of A Legally Binding Contract

Contract law is the area of law most commonly encountered by citizens in everyday life. We all buy goods and services, we work for employers and enter into numerous other

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