Welcome Back Madam Prime Minister


I am relieved to know that my Prime Minister, The Most Honorable Portia Simpson-Miller, is in the best of health, and her voice is not damaged, as that was my thought for a few years now.  Over the past few years, the PM has not been accessible to anyone, well, let me rephrase that statement, the PM has not been assessable to answer any questions that are of importance to the country, she has been so busy working, working and working, that her presence when it matters most has been elusive.

It is very interesting however, that she has suddenly resurfaced.  I have heard her voice so loudly almost every night on the news, to the point where I now want to take her stance and not watch local news anymore.  I am assuming that the grand return of the PM is only because of the impending elections in which she promises to give her now disowned son Andrew Holness and the JLP a whipping.  This behavior is typical of our politicians, this culture of coming around when I need you and disappearing after you have voted needs to stop, it should be castigated.  For the past 4 years, scoring an interview the Prime Minister would be like winning the super lotto for a peasant.  The overall communication flow from the PM and her office with Jamaica on matters of importance was disastrous and sometimes even hostile as they were always on the defensive especially if you muster enough courage to criticize the government and not to mention the Prime Minster stewardship.  Now however, the media seems to be the PM’s best friends, she is interviewed so often by both new media houses such as LOOP and of course by the more established media groups.

As a young educated Jamaican, I am most annoyed at this obvious disdain for Jamaicans, as we are obviously taken for mockery by some politicians, and dear I say, it would appear as though my own PM is leading the way.  Should Mrs. Simpson-Miller win again, it would be nice to know that she is in good health and can speak, she should be more visible and accessible, don’t just work, work and work, especially when all that working isn’t turning over much worthwhile returns for the mass as the unemployment figures and other important statistics are telling a different story, apart from factors that are driven by international world trends, such as oil prices, hence lower utilities bills and gas prices, this has nothing to do with anything our government is doing.  With all this said, if Portia Simpson-Miller remains PM after the 25th, she may need to call an election everyday in order for us to hear from her#politicansstoptakingJamaicansforajoke.


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