Where Is The Real Portia Simpson-Miller?


At this time, if I say I am not utterly ashamed of this government and more so the Prime Minister I would be pathologically mendacious.  I am still in shock that our Prime Minister, my PM, only think this country deserves 73 seconds of her precious time to address a national crisis.

What has happened to Portia Lucretia Simpson-Miller? What has happened to the woman Jamaicans love dearly? What has happened to the woman who once spoke so passionately about the less fortunate?  The individual that is purporting to be PM Simpson-Miller, is an intruder and needs to be evacuated urgently.  The individual that is disguising as the Prime Minister and somewhat convinces herself and Jamaica that she is indeed Portia Simpson-Miller, lacks ALL leadership acumens.  The Portia Simpson-Miller that we know would never give a  73 seconds response to the death of 19 babies in our hospitals.  She would never allow a minister who has time after time failed miserably to manage his portfolio that of Health Care to continue. The Simpson-Miller that Jamaicans love, would hold him accountable for such gross mismanagement.  Dr. Fenton Ferguson has proven that Jamaica is a country where ministers of government are really paid to not be aware of what’s happening in their ministries but instead, act clueless and give nonsensical public presentations that they are not even in a position to answer questions to-he is a public disgrace.

The individual appearing as the Prime Minister and claiming to be our beloved Mama P, can never address national issues of concerns, but can loudly and boldly react to any hint of critism towards her personally.  She can also loudly and proudly claim that- one of the most under-developed and crime ridden parishes- Westmoreland, as being PNP land, which is more than a shame considering the PNP has been in government for so many years and Westmoreland in every way shape and form is still developmental wise stuck in the 1940s.  Why can’t this intruder give us back our beloved Mama P? We want the lady who is not afraid to fight for what is right and really put the poor on the front burner, we want the “strong woman” who is not afraid to fire her ministers when they make a “mockery” of their responsibilities and the country.

If the real Portia Lucrecia Simpson- Miller cannot come back and be the Prime Minister, can the intruder in Parliament please leave us alone? I am begging her, give us a break. We need a leader, someone we can look  to for answers and results, not someone who can only hope, as hope does not bring forth results, but actions does. If the intruder cannot give us that seeing that maybe the real PSM is gone forever, do the honorable thing and do not try to trick us by running in the next general election because you know as a country some of us are easily fooled by election promises.


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