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It has become considerable bothering how people’s identity can be borne from a single social media account. Moreover, self esteem and societal validation is mask and entrap in the images posted which are measured in seconds with just the favour of likes and followers. It better be that when a photo is uploaded, it garners instant responses and recognition; in fact, if it doesn’t within the insta-time world this could make or break one’s confidence for the day and eventually leads to deletion of that image mentally and physically.

The scary truth behind this is that it is creating a generation of insta-barbies who seem to be living in a perfect world. Based on research, it has shown that teenagers are empowered by selfies and snaps and become obsessive making attempts to replicate the trending image and style. Of course you must be an alien if you aren’t an owner of an account but living for the gram is the millennials. Yes, the MUA and the Body Goals Surge is now the rope to which existing socialites are tied to, as increasingly females now are craved to become hand-made body cut out from Kardashian Mould.

Image is key, but have you ever reflected on the amount of pressure that is now placed on women since the existence of the social media era.

A contoured beat face, eye lashes, lip injections, breast implant, waist trainers, liposuction, botox, enlarged bottoms with clenched waist are all additional ideal touches that a female must own. Whether it can be afforded or not, lifestyle changes are absolutely necessary to be in the heavens of social media land.

The greater the mix, the more respect and appreciation that is gained and I guess the more confident the individual will become. Actually, there is a two-fold story to this as the evolved self confidence transforms many into self marketing business owners.

Love it or hate it, we are living in a social media era, but the fact is, being caught up and living for this platform only showing the positive light can eventually dim your shine and makes you overwhelmed. The vacations and parties attended that has left you in debt, the relationships that always seem to appear happy and blooming, the clothes that the credit cards are pressured to purchase and the best families that they have since slice bread are some of what the fictional avatars behind a computer is experiencing.  Sadly, people are forced and tricked to be jealous wanting to live a similar life; one of which is already posing real challenges for the one displaying it.

Sure you can join them, but do you really want to live vicariously through others, or do you want to experience the joy of living your own life?




Yackesha Henry is a socialite and emailed at yackesha85@yahoo.com


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