6 signs He Is Cheating On You


They say that women have a sixth sense especially when it concerns their boyfriends or husbands. We tend to ignore that gut feeling because we would rather live in the dark then know it is true! You have to know though that more often than not, that feeling may be true. You do not always find lipstick stained clothes or a perfume scent that isn’t yours. It does not mean that you should go and burst on your man you may have many questions to ask your boyfriend or husband but it is a good time to observe him and figure out if that feeling really is true. Don’t let your self-respect go and act on it before you are completely shattered.  Here are some of the signs that may indicate that your man is not being sincere to you.

6. He’s being too nice

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Every person has a different way of dealing with their guilt. Some people deal with it by overcompensating. The idea is that since your man knows that they are being unfaithful, they will in turn be extra nice to you as they know that they are hurting you.

I am not saying that if a man is nice, he isn’t trustworthy but if you see a sudden change in his behaviour where he compliments you way more than he has in years or he buys you random presents on his way home from work, it should raise a red flag. You know your man better than anyone else though so you are the judge.

5. He’s always angry

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Like I said earlier, every person has their own method of guilt. Some people tend to project everything on to you. Your man may point out flaws in everything you do. This can include your cooking, the way you dress, the way you spend your movie or even the smell of your perfume. Everything about you will suddenly irritate the crap out of him. If he ensures that you are the bad person in the relationship then he will not feel guilty about cheating on you.

Whatever you do, DO NOT let him get to you. Don’t you dare feel bad because that is exactly what he wants; also no changing yourself will not help. If he is indeed cheating on you; nothing will help change that fact. You need to protect yourself and get out of any relationship that does not make you happy.

4. He excludes you from all his plans

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There is no harm in an occasional boys’ night out. In fact, it is healthy to spend some time apart from your significant other and seek some company of your own. We all need friends. However, when you feel that you are being excluded from too many of his plans or he goes out four times in a week, there may be some trouble in that relationship. There are chances that he is cheating on you.

Always keep your mind open to the fact that there may be other problems in your relationship besides cheating. He may be staying away for some other reason.

3. He has started looking too good

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You have been yelling for months now and telling him to go the gym and suddenly that is not the only thing he is doing. He is going to the gym. He is shaving; he gets his hair trimmed and is particular about what he wears. He just looks perfect. What is that all about?

If he has suddenly started looking too good then you really should be worried.

2. He’s always busy

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If there are too many last minute cancellations or if he refuses to go out of town with you for a wedding because “there is too much work” it may be a dangerous sign. Most men tend to find the most cliché excuses when they are cheating and the most common one, yep you guessed it is “I’ll be late from work today.” A lot of women discover their husbands cheating by calling their office instead of their husband’s cell at a late hour when they are supposedly working.

Again, sometimes jobs maybe stressful. Don’t just let one point here dictate your entire relationship.

1. He keeps his phone out of your reach

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Men can be discreet about the way they keep their phone away from you. They may have their phones on flight mode around you so that no message can accidentally reach while you are with them. Some men actually just change their phone’s pass code. You may know the pass code but whenever you pick up his phone, he gets extensively jumpy and remembers the important phone call that he had to make.


If you indeed find these red flags, you need to act on it. You need to realise that it’s not you who is at fault. A cheater is always a cheater. If a man really was any good at all and even if you were the one with all the faults, he should have been man enough to come and say it to your face. If he decided to enjoy you and another woman at the same time, then he is the jerk not you. Don’t beat yourself up about it and go and talk to him.

If you are still not sure that your suspicions are true then you should talk to him about it. His response, even if he denies it will be enough for you to tell for sure. Most women have the ability to tell when their significant other is lying to them. Whatever you do, just don’t jump to conclusions and scream your head off as it will do more harm than good especially if you were being overly paranoid.


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