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Every bride deserves to look and feel good on their wedding day. The day that they have been waiting for all their lives is finally here. Hair must be in place, skin must be blemish free, dress has to be one of a kind, but most importantly, on THE day, the bride wants to be the center of attention, her MAKEUP must be FLAWLESS!

With that being said I guess it’s time for a bridal consultation.

Bridal Consultation

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Why is it important to do a bridal consultation? As a Makeup Artist, I find that more brides are doing bridal consultations. They want to feel a sense of trust and confidence before their wedding day.   As a bride you should not be hesitant to share with your Makeup Artist:

  • How  you want to feel on your wedding day (beautiful yet sexy, sophisticated)
  • What type of makeup you had in mind (natural, bold lips, soft eye shadow, etc)
  • The colours of your wedding setting and theme
  • What hair style will you be having on your wedding day (will the hair be down, up-do, side sweep)

Bear in mind that sometimes what you request is not necessarily for your facial features. Eg. If you are someone with hooded eyes, bold eye shadows or cut crease eye makeup is not really for you.

As a bride don’t just think of the bridal consultation as only a way to explore how beautiful you are but also an opportunity for you and your makeup artist to get to know each other. Don’t allow your makeup artist to put colours on you that you do not like. It is for this reason why a consultation is done.  Know what you want and go for it, after all it’s your BIG day.

Nude Lips for Natural Brides

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Nude lips are now the most preferred lip colour for bridal makeup. While we are all for the nude lips, your Makeup Artist must be careful in the nude lip colour he/she chooses. Just like foundation, nude lips colours also have an undertones, the darker you skin tone the darker/warmer your nude lip colour needs to be.

Take a look at this selection of nude lip colours for dark skin brides.

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Bold Brides

While there are brides who love the natural/nude look, there are also brides who dare to be different by adding a pop of colour to their lips. Once again, the darker your skin tone, the darker you can go with your lip colour. Burgundy and blackberry are beautiful on dark skin.

If you already have very full lips, that doesn’t require too much enhancement, avoid bright, attention-getting colors and stick to quiet, flattering shades instead, like caramel and soft brown. Perfect for kissing your Groom!

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Touch up and be Photographed

Throughout the day your makeup could get a little dewy. To keep your makeup matt and looking fresh all day, touching up with a powder foundation will definitely help that dewiness. Also your makeup artist might not stick around for the entire time of the wedding, in situations like these; your Makeup Artist could leave one or two sheets of oil blotting paper with you. These would be perfect to use before your photo shoot!

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Happy Wedding Day!


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