Don’t You Dare Do It! – Part Two


Greetings Fashionistas! I am continuing last week’s blog countdown of the Top 10 “Don’ts of Fashion”. We will work our way to the ultimate NO NO of “Don’t You Dare Do It!”

Just in case you missed last week’s radio segment click here:

  1. Wrinkled Garments

Ironing, though tedious, is a crucial part of the overall presentation of your outfit. Be sure to iron your clothing before leaving home. Wrinkled garments make the clothing unappealing and take away from what makes the garment truly beautiful. It also screams— “I’m lazy!” Spend the time to iron your clothing and look sharp from head to toe.

wrinkle clothes


  1. See-through Bottoms

Ladies, it is important to get into the habit of doing a full spin in front of a full length mirror, prior to leaving home. Believe it or not, this can be a life saver. Depending on our body type sometimes wearing one pair of spandex/tights is not enough and doubling up is required. Why? Simply because of the fabrication these types of garments are made from. Cotton and polyester are thinner fabrics and as a result it will leave us exposed when not worn correctly. Pay attention to fabrication when purchasing and also keep your body type in mind to ensure you get the proper coverage you desire.

see through


  1. Loungewear outside the home

It is never appropriate to wear pajamas, loungewear outside your home. As the name suggests, loungewear and pajamas are for bedtime not a trip to the supermarket or the school playground. It is a huge fashion NO NO, please just don’t do it!

toni 3 toni 4


  1. Wearing uncomfortable clothing

This tip is for your own benefit, wearing clothing that is uncomfortable not only shows in your appearance but it also shows on your face.  Avoid wearing items that are too small, too short, too tight, not manufactured properly—to avoid a wardrobe malfunctioning or something you just aren’t yourself in. If you feel beautiful, you will look beautiful! Remember that.

Tight Clothing


  1. Do not wear shoes you cannot walk in

Ladies, the point of wearing heels & stilettos is to add not only height but elegance to your outfit. You are to walk effortlessly and with grace. If you are unable to walk in heels of a certain height then you should find a pair that has a height that you are most comfortable wearing.  Also a tip that most people aren’t aware of is that you can take your heels to a shoemaker who will shave them down a ¼ to ½ inch for you. This is why you need to stay tuned into my blog; you get the best secrets here.

toni 6


Stay tuned until next time, stay effortlessly chic & beautiful! Xoxo




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