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As a makeup “virgin” the hardest thing to do is to choose the correct makeup and essential tools.  I must admit I’ve been in situations like these on more than one occasion. I have had experiences where I buy makeup, come home super excited and 100% sure that this is it! But once I try them I am like…..whoaaaa….wait a minutes did I just purchase these?????

The truth is, with so many brands “fighting” for the spot light in the makeup industry, we often find ourselves struggling to make a decision. Quite frankly, the result of your makeup 99.5 % of the time has nothing to do with the brand you wear. You can achieve flawless makeup on a budget….yup. You don’t need to spend the bulk of your money trying to find the perfect product/s for your starter kit. Drugstore brands work just as good!

In this week’s post I am going to share with you some basic must haves for your makeup starter kit. These are some of the most basic makeup products/tools you should have before the big decision.

Make up 21. Moisturizer Many of you will be surprised when you see moisturizer listed as the number one item. I know it’s not a makeup but flawless makeup application begins with a well moisturized skin. It’s summer time and usually moisturizers, heat, oiliness and makeup do not work well together! One recommendation is to avoid applying the moisturizer where you have the most oil in the skin (T-Zone).

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2. Powder or Liquid Foundation– Foundation is the most important item for our beginners. Foundations are buildable, your applications can start out being very light and as you become more comfortable wearing your foundation you can increase the amount use. For our readers who struggle with oily skin, you may want to lean more towards a foundation that is matte and oil free.  Bear in mind that liquid foundations usually provide a heavier coverage.

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3. Concealer- Let s face it! No one wants to have spots staring them down after applying their makeup. While the foundation provides light, medium or full coverage, there are just some spots that you will never be able to get rid of (unless it’s a full coverage foundation); acne scars, dark circles and sun spots. Be sure to set your concealer with a powder to prevent creasing and cracking.

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4. Blush– For your starter kit you definitely want to go with light pink blush just enough to accentuate those cheeks.  Apply to the apples of your cheek and don’t forget to blend to make it appear as natural as possible.

Make up 65. Lipstick– Your makeup would not be complete without your lipstick.  I however recommend you stick with the more natural colours, especially if you are not a fan of lipsticks.

Make up 76. Eye shadow– Neutrals and earth tones compliments almost every skin tone plus you don’t have to be an expert to apply eye shadow.  One shade is enough as a beginners, don’t go too crazy on the colours, unless you are and expert or have some experience with using makeup.

Make up 87. Eyeliners–   Eyeliners often makes a bold statement on the eyes.  Using a brown or black eye liner opens  up the eyes creating a stronger look with or without eye shadow no matter what type you use; pencil, gel, cream.  GO FOR IT!

Make up 98. Eyebrow Pencils– Groom those brows like never before. A groomed eyebrow frames the face, giving you a more polished look. Before grooming your brows with your brow pencil you may want to remove the stray hairs, this will allow your brows to appear neater.

Make up 119. Essential Tools for Makeup Application (foundation brush, powder brush, eye shadow brush)

A. Foundation Brush- Learning how to use a foundation brush can mean the difference between a completely flawless or unpolished look. Learn how to apply your foundation by using a brush @

B. Powder Brush/Blush Brush- Use this brush to apply your powder or blush. The brush will evenly distribute the product over the face.

C. Eye Shadow Brush- Your eye shadow brush, is of course used to apply your eye shadow. The eye shadow is applied on the eye lid. For long lasting effect, remember to blend, blend, blend…

Make up 1010. Mascara (optional) – Mascara is more commonly use to enhance the eyes. Apply waterproof mascara for longer wear. Learn how to apply your mascara like a pro @

I hope this will help you in creating your starter kit. Feel free to leave your comment.

What’s in your starter kit?




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