Trending Now: Gentlemen, Fall With Me


Greetings Fashionistas! Last week, I discussed “ladies, fall with me” so this week we will be touching on fall trends for men. Are you ready, gentlemen?

Just in case you missed last week’s radio segment click here:

Men Fall Trends

  1. Slim Fit Slacks: Slim fit slacks are in it to win it. As I have mentioned in previous articles it’s important to understand the concept of fit and the difference between, tight, fitted and tailored. It’s a fantastic option for day time and night time. Perfect for the office and outside the boardroom in a swanky hotel. It works!

See “Don’t You Dare Do It!”:

Men fall 1

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  1. Sneakers: Sneakers are in and they are here to stay. Somehow sneakers are making its way into being a staple in fashion as we know it. Sneakers are diverse, some laced, some slip-ons, some high-tops, and some traditional. It can be worn on casual days and even in the office. That however is left up to you to be the judge.

men fall 2

  1.  Athletic Wear: Sportswear is a huge hit for the season! I have grown to love this trend simply because it’s versatile believe it or not. Sportswear for men generally speaking has always been around, Nikes, Jordans, & Fitted Sport Hats however; this sportswear trend is more high fashion. Sporty Lightweight Jackets, Jogger Pants, & Casual Tees are options for the Fall that can be easily worked into your wardrobe for a sporty chic look.

pic 4



  1. Color Block Shirts: Color block shirts are essentially complementary colors in a block pattern on one shirt. It’s actually a very cool concept that started with color blocked dresses for women that has translated into men’s fashion as well. It is trending for the fall season.

pic 5Source:                                  

  1. Color Palettes: Gentlemen, your color palettes for the fall season are all shades of green, graphic black & whites & darker hues of oranges. Try to incorporate those shades in your wardrobe for the season and you will be on trend.

men fall 6


men fall 7


men fall 8


Stay tuned until next time, stay effortlessly chic & beautiful! Xoxo






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