Wardrobe Resolution


Happy New Year Fashionistas!!! I hope the New Year is off to a great start!

With the New Year steadily ahead, many of us start reevaluating a number of things in our lives. New habits, new job, new opportunities, the list is endless. We start looking inward and question ourselves on how to achieve these new goals, or guidelines we have now set for ourselves and how best to adapt them into our lifestyles. With that said, with the changes one may need to reinvent their wardrobe, for this new job or new opportunity on the horizon. So this week I want to discuss with you a few simple steps on “How to reinvent your wardrobe”.

1: Out with the old & in with the new:

I’m sure many of you, have heard of the Salvation Army. Now is the time to starting cleaning out the closets and tossing to the side the things that no longer fit, or no longer represent the style you are going for. Don’t be afraid to let go and embrace a new sense of style. As we get older, or assume different roles in our lives i.e. become mothers, wives, supervisors, directors, fathers or husbands then we need to also dress the part. Whatever goals you have decided to fulfill for yourself, make sure your wardrobe is a reflection of that.

2: Embrace those trends you have be stalking:

Are you surfing the net constantly looking at a particular trend that caught your eye? Are you adding pieces to your shopping cart, but not sure if you should commit to the purchase? Stop the stalking and embrace it! Challenge yourself to try new trends that you think will be suitable for you. As Resort/Pre-Spring collections hit the web, there are many fun and flirty trends happening that you can incorporate and be fun and flirty with.  For example: Thanks to my BFF, I am obsessed with “Tuxedo” trends, and I will be pushing myself to try it this season. For the gentlemen, paneled shirts is trending, which is highly similar to “color blocking” trends. The only difference is, color blocking was geared to a men’s sportswear market whereas paneled shirts are suitable for work wear.

Hoyoung 1

            Tuxedo Dress             Tuxedo Jumpsuit             Paneled Shirt


3: Modernize your options:      


It’s always important to have classic options in your wardrobe, however there’s nothing wrong with remixing them. By this I mean, take the classic trousers for example, save the black classic pair for an important job interview or meeting, and go with fun options like mustard, cobalt or army green for everyday work wear. Another example is leaving behind the classic white button down for another “serious” occasion and switching it out for a chambray denim shirt instead for normal occasions. Try other fabrications than cotton, such as chiffon, silk or polyester to make things interesting

Hoyoung 2

Designer Rachel Roy, show us how it is done!  http://bit.ly/1Dn35PN

Hoyoung 3

Chambray 12 Ways



You can easily modernize your wardrobe with small tweaks such as play on accessories. Play around with your accessories, and that will bring a refreshed look to your wardrobe. For example, trying velvet ties and pocket squares; investing in the different shapes of briefcases and backpacks suitable for the office and outside the office; lastly testing the waters with other styles of shoes apart from oxfords.

Hoyoung 4

http://bit.ly/1xSNTW5                        http://mcys.co/1yCb6i6

Hoyoung 5www.polyvore.com

Hoyoung 6


Stay tuned until next time, stay effortlessly chic & beautiful! Xoxo



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