Why Arthur Williams Should Break Rank On The CCJ

The House of Representatives made history yesterday by taking the monumental step to cut ties with the UK based Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. Unfortunately, the vote was marred

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Holness: A Liability To The JLP

The Labourites are yet to realize that they are in a free fall, suffocating by the hangman’s noose that is the unsuccessful leadership of Andrew Holness. Despite mounting evidence from

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Jamaica’s Defunct Prime Minister

The Prime Minister made her “much anticipated contribution” to the 2015-16 budget debate. It was her first opportunity to address a country reeling from a major public health crisis at

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No Easy Day For Andrew Holness

Wednesday March 25, 2015 will be no easy day for Andrew Holness. That’s the day when three unelected judges will opine on his appeal of that now groundbreaking ruling by the

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The JLP’s Great Irony

It’s perhaps one of the greatest ironies of Jamaican politics; the better party is rarely the governing party.  In fact, it’s almost criminally amusing that the party that has a

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THE JLP: A Party In Crisis

  The Jamaica Labour Party, JLP has developed a reputation to air their dirty linen in public.  I was a guest host on Talk Jamaica Radio’s current affairs show Talk

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A Letter to the Prime Minister of Jamaica

Dear Madam Prime Minister, I have never had the pleasure of being in your company, to encounter the radiance I have heard spoken of so often. Put simply, you don’t

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Portia: An Erratum Of Democracy

Portia Simpson Miller as the country’s prime minister is the result of what many political commentators style as the living epitome of Jamaica’s robust political system.  If the current prime

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The Politics Of “Flexi-Rape”

There is no excuse to joke about rape. If jokes of that nature had been okay when Senator A.J. Nicholson was a younger man, they certainly aren’t today. Attitudes have

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Time for a cabinet reshuffle

The passing of Roger Clarke gave the Prime Minister the perfect opportunity to reshuffle her Cabinet.  Reshuffling would have allowed her to inject new energy in the government and to

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